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Growing Roots Consultancy



Sleep and Wellbeing Specialist

Perinatal Specific Services

Infant Development & Sleep

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Certified baby-led sleep and well-being specialist


English and Afrikaans



Pro bono

Yes, by referral

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I offer support to families to get more sleep without feeling that separation-based techniques or ‘waiting it out’ are the only options available to them. I believe that sleep solutions are unique to each child and family and require an approach that uses different lenses to look at the sleep challenges to get to the root cause of the problem. Therefore, the support that I offer is comprehensive and unique to the individual, their experiences and story. It considers multiple factors that can affect sleep such as a child’s temperament, evidence-based sleep ranges, birth stories, culture, trauma, attachment and developmental sciences, caregiver wellness, medical red flags, environment, and nutrition. My work as a sleep and well-being specialist is informed by approximately 20 years of extensive work with families from all walks of life, including foster and adoptive families. I have experience in supporting families from various cultural backgrounds with parenting, family relationships, adult and children’s mental health and well-being as a social worker and therapist in London, UK. My hope is to support families to navigate their way through all the overwhelming information about sleep by following their intuition and their child’s unique cues and needs. Sleep solutions will prioritize the attachment relationship between caregivers and their children, be responsive to the children’s needs whilst considering the changes that are needed for the whole family to thrive. I offer a free 30-minute discovery call to start the conversation of what holistic sleep support could look like.






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