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Community Partnerships

Combining Business + Service for Social Good

At our very core, Mind Body Baby is about community support. 

Emotional wellbeing, along with feeling capable and supported, is vital to brand new and expecting parents and their ability to thrive in their new and often challenging role. That emotional wellbeing translates to the wellbeing of their child(ren), their relationships, as well as their ability to cope with the  all their life obligations. 

We are a "boots on the ground" organization meeting struggling families where they are. We cherish the opportunity to partner with businesses and organizations in our community to do our work even better. 

Let's create more social good together. 


Event Partnerships

We host two service events each year. 

One is a resource and outreach event to provide a social place for new families in the area to connect and find out the support resources Charlotte has to offer. 

Several hundred new & expecting families have joined us for our Nurturing Parenthood Event each fall for the past five years. Each one a little bigger and a little better than the year before. 

The second is our independent perinatal practitioner collaboration event. We gather 100+ local practitioners offering the services that fill in the need gaps that exist in our current medical maternity care system, along with area nonprofits serving the same demographic, because the more connected these services are,, the better families are served. 

There are several different sponsorship levels to gain exposure to this population and an event sponsorship can also be attached to a year round program partnerships, as well. 

We are excited to connect with you. Click the link for sponsorship levels and reach out to Cynthia at

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