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Combining Business + Service for Social Good

At our very core, Mind Body Baby is about community support. 

Emotional wellbeing, along with feeling capable and supported, is vital to brand new and expecting parents and their ability to thrive in their new and often challenging role. That emotional wellbeing translates to the wellbeing of their child(ren), their relationships, as well as their ability to cope with the  all their lives obligations. 

We are a "boots on the ground" organization meeting struggling families where they are.We cherish the opportunity to partner with businesses and organizations in our community to do our work even better. 

Let's create more social good together. 


Event Partnerships

Our organization was born with an event intended to educate new & expecting families in a social environment during a time known for its' isolation, the postpartum period. 

Since that first Nurturing Parenthood Event in 2018, we've continued to offer the only local education and resource event in the greater Charlotte area, reaching hundreds of families each year. 

We've also expanded to additional events supporting other aspects of the perinatal community. 

Business partnerships are truly the fuel to make these events happen, and in turn fuels our program for the rest of the year. 

Click below to see our most current event partnership needs. 

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From inception, we have partnered with local perinatal professionals to facilitate the educational aspect of our mission. We wouldn't be where we are with out them. 

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High Fives

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Your time is precious. 

Our volunteer needs will always vary - whether a single event, a committee action or an ongoing set of hands.

Current needs include:

  • fundraising / event planning committee (seasonal), 

  • parent-driven mentor program development, 

  • Board of Director seats (governance) or

  • Advisory Council seats (experience based).

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