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Mary Formella

Own The Night Sleep Solutions



Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant

Perinatal Specific Services

Infant Development & Sleep, Locally Owned Perinatal-Specific Businesses (non-healthcare)

Payment Accepted

Credit Card; Clients can check with insurance company to determine if HSA/FSA can be used for payment.


The Collective for Family Rest & Wellness; 2022




Pro bono

Yes, by referral

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Sleep Help, Sleep Consultant, Sleep Specialist


Wanting sleep for you, your family and your little one is not selfish. Sleep is the foundation of our physical health, mental health, emotional health and happiness. If you are not getting sleep it can make day to day tasks extremely difficult. I am here to help you, your family and your little one get the rest you need to live a more healthy and happy lifestyle. I want to help you and your family get the rest you deserve. I also want to help educate you on pediatric sleep with research-based knowledge. In addition to being a pediatric sleep consultant, I am also a certified occupational therapist. I have experience working with children who have sensory processing disorders in addition to autism spectrum disorders. I continue to further my knowledge with sensory processing disorders and autism spectrum disorders through continuing education courses. I know that having a child who is diagnosed with a sensory processing disorder and/or autism spectrum disorder can bring other challenges when it comes to sleep. With my combined background in occupational therapy and being a certified pediatric sleep consultant, I am able to use both skill sets to help you and your child get the best sleep possible.








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