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We need OUR village. We need you.

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

Call to Action

At the highest level, our mission is to support individuals and families by meeting them exactly where they are with precisely the help they need. One size does not fit all. Creating a safe space for every parent’s journey takes a village of diversified support people and a variety of ways to get connected.

You can help us foster this safe community of personalized help by joining us as an advocate for safe spaces.

  • Acknowledge the need. The postpartum journey is bigger and more diverse than our personal experience will ever comprehend, and the impacts of each journey ripple out far past immediate family members. Educational and personal connection opportunities that honor the complicated journey, and the skilled people who make them possible, are the building blocks of our safe spaces.

  • Commit to unbiased support. Implicit bias is too prevalent, especially in the communities that need our advocacy most. Join us and overtly commit to fair support by exploring where you have internalized bias - we ALL have bias, no one is exempt, as it is part of the taking in a lifetime of messages and influence around us.

  • Learn more. We have been providing basic training in bias for our facilitators to make sure we all foster concern and support for the parents and babies in our community, and do it with the intention, humility

and thoughtfulness that creates change. However, there is certainly more to do as we are able to raise the funds to provide it. One place everyone can start, especially those in the perinatal support field is through

  • Donate. Executing our mission and expanding our impact is only possible with your help. Every dollar counts and goes right into meeting a real-time, local, personal need. Your monthly recurring donation is a powerful way to ensure local parents can access classes, groups, and professional help. Become a monthly Advocate for Safe Spaces here.

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